Are you looking for delicious rare SAKE in Japan?

SAKE is becoming a boom in the world. There are lots of delicious and rare Japanese SAKE in Japan. For overseas restaurants and Japanese SAKE lovers abroad we can deliver delicious SAKE to foreign countries by direct mailing.

Do you want to introduce your unlanded wine to Japan?

In the “Mi-jyo-riku dot-com”, We have introduced a special wine that has not been sold in earnest in Japan. (“Mi-jyo-riku” means not yet landed)
Recently in Japan, in addition to the mass production of wine by major manufacturers is produced, there is a growing interest in the unique wine.
We and Japanese restaurants, will continue to develop a menu that combines your wine and the best food of Japan.

Uhideno Kozuchi Chiiki Souzou Co., Ltd.

1-29 Kozuchi, Otsuchi Town, Kamihei District, Iwate Prefecture, JAPAN, 028-1121
(UKC means Mallet of luck region creation. We are promoting the earthquake reconstruction)

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